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  • Used to refer to the type of informal conversation or socializing among office workers that takes place in the communal area in which such a dispenser is located
  • (water cooler) a device for cooling and dispensing drinking water
  • The Water Coolers is a New York City–based music and comedy act performing original songs, sketch comedy and pop parodies about the daily challenges of modern life.
  • A dispenser of cooled drinking water, typically used in office workplaces
  • (Water Cooler) there are two types of water coolers. The corps coolers are 5 gallon drink coolers with a faucet on the bottom to fill up drink cups and the personal water coolers are from ? gallon to a gallon sized and come in many forms. (such as when the contra section uses a clean mini gas can)


  • Addi (Tigrinya ?? ?Addi, Tigre, Ge’ez ?? ?Ad) is a Tigrinya term meaning “village” derived from the Ge’ez word “Ad” meaning “son.” The word can be found in many village and city names in Tigray Region, Ethiopia and Tigre and Tigrinya-speaking Eritrea.

addi water coolers

addi water coolers – Hot &

Hot & Cold Countertop Water Dispenser w/ Add-on Filter Pack & Standard Filtration
Hot & Cold Countertop Water Dispenser w/ Add-on Filter Pack & Standard Filtration
Presenting the bottleless PureWaterCooler Hot & Cold Countertop Water Dispenser with Add-On Filter Pack & Standard Filtration with 2 temperature system provides you own source of filtered water and is an ideal product for your office. Model no PWC-500/FP has LED indicator for you to know the status of hot and cold water on the front panel. individual on/off switches are provided on rear panel for hot or cold functions. The tank is completely sealed and is made using stainless steel for better efficiency. Its high efficiency sealed compressor cooling system with adjustable cold water thermostat has temperature ranging between 37-50 F and hot has 180 F with autocontrol function. Meets Energy Star requirements.


Addi is Jess pony’s husband and is the second pony in a trio of customs that I created for one of my mom’s friends.

Addison (the guy that this pony is based on) is a unique individual with a conflicting set of interests. He loves hunting, farming and ranching, and he loves fashion. I wanted to portray the stark contrast between these two sets of hobbies in his pony.
To symbolize Addison’s macho, hunt-loving side, I choose to give him a Browning emblem as his cutie mark and painted his initials—"AA"—in the form of overlapping deer antlers. To represent his metrosexual side, I gave him a funky shell necklace, neatly-trimmed goatee, and stylish mohawk.

Addi was made from a G3 My Little Pony Cotton Candy. His body was dyed with scarlet Rit dye and he was rehaired with Chocolate Fudge from His eyes, symbols, and goatee were painted with Apple Barrel acrylics. He was sealed with matte and glossy Mod Podge.

My Little Pony is © Hasbro, Inc.
Browning emblem is © Browning.
Addi design is © SweetcakesCustoms. All Rights Reserved.
No portion of this design may be copied, altered, sold, or distributed in any way without my written permission.

Water Coolers

Water Coolers
Mud or clay pots which help keep water cool during summers

addi water coolers

Easy Load - Snap-On
This clever design holds back water as you turn over your 3 or 5 gallon water bottle onto your cooler or other water dispenser. Insert the tube inside your bottle and snap it on. As you turn the bottle the ball inside the tube is forced down blocking the water flow. Once the bottle is set into position the ball floats upward in the tube, allowing free flow of water. A single Easy Load cap can be moved from bottle to bottle as you refill your dispenser. With this dishwasher safe product, having two Easy Loads assures you have a clean one. This 55mm snap top fits most 3 and 5 gallon water bottles and is considered a standard size. For reference, outside dimension for the bottle opening would be 2.165 inches. If you have a regular snap cap for the bottle the outside dimension of that cap is about 2.75 inches. This cap will NOT fit 3 or 5 gallon GLASS water bottles. Some GE water coolers require the longer shaft variety of this product. This is an “open package” and is offered at a discounted price. The cap is dishwasher safe and is easily sterlized is bleach water.

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